Australia Post Digital iD™

Australia Post Digital iD™

Identity moments occur frequently in our day to day lives. Whether applying for a job, financial product, buying tickets online or even just picking up a parcel, there’s a constant need to prove our identity.

Providing the information to prove who you are can take a lot of time and effort. Digital iD™ simplifies this process.

With Digital iD™, we are re-imagining the verification process. Transforming how people prove who they are online, over the phone and in person, using the smartphone technology that’s already sitting in our pockets. Digital iD™ allows people to instantly share pre-verified identity information anywhere, anytime wherever Digital iD™ is accepted.

We’re working with a range of businesses so that you’ll be able to use Digital iD™ when applying for things such as a bank account and proving your age at a bars and more. Once you’ve been verified with Digital iD™, it will be fast and easy to prove who are when you need to again.

Learn how Digital iD™ provides the platform for verifying who you are and the technology that makes it possible, including Biometrics, OCR and our SDKs.

We’ll be demonstrating Digital iD™ by doing some live coding sessions to show off some of the technology we’re using.