3D modelling, sculpting, and printing – BuzzConf


In this session we’ll do some 3d modelling using Blender.

For people who are new to Blender they’ll be going through a guided session for 1:30 on how to build a basic 3d model and using some advanced techniques to make them look great, people who are more experienced in blender can use these techniques to make their own model look even more cool.

Then you’ll have the opportunity to print your model! We’ll need them to be of a small enough size as to not take all weekend but after a quick run-through of the components of a 3D print you’ll be able to see your screen-based creativity materialised in the real world.

The session will last for 2 hours but if people are interested and there are enough burgers/beer to keep your presenter topped up, we’ll be heading into the later hours of the night with the printing.

What you’ll need:

  • A laptop with power supply (or epic batteries)
  • A mouse (preferably 3 buttons)
  • The latest version of blender installed
  • Blender plugin: Blender-sculpt-tools http://bit.ly/2aUTw52
  • Blender plugin: 3d-printing-toolbox http://bit.ly/2aUTDgU
  • Have a read through this blog post; Blender: Starting out http://bit.ly/2aUU2jF
  • Black licorice for bribery purposes