Rocket Surgery – Airborne IoT

Workshop Hub

10:15 am - 12:15 pm


Interested in working with hardware but don’t know where to start? Haven’t touched electronics since school but you want to play with some again? Want to build something but can’t be bothered with C & compiling and “old style development”?

At BuzzConf this year, we’ll be taking our hardware workshop in a whole new direction. Literally, vertically! This year we’ll be giving you the chance to work with hardware then strap it to a rocket and fire it.

In order to cut down on the potential for scorched tents & missing fingers, we will be using water & air rockets, however, with some astute engineering it’s possible to launch a water rocket quite high.

The workshop will comprise an orientation to some basic electronics & the rocket kit. From there it will be up to you to fabricate a rocket from parts we’ll supply and then program it to record telemetry data of your flight(s) as well as deploy a parachute to help you recover your rocket.

To do this you’ll be using new boards that can run Python on them to do your programming and then linking that back up to a range of tools & libraries built by the NodeBots community.

At the end of this workshop you should have a functioning water / air rocket that you can control as well as get telemetry data from.

The activity you’ll be doing is equally applicable to more prosaic Internet of Things type technologies so whether you just want to make a functional rocket or you’re interested in IoT you’ll have fun either way.

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