Becoming Martian

Join physicist, comedian and Mars One astronaut candidate Josh Richards on a humorous and informative journey to the red planet inspired by his new book, Becoming Martian.

Short-listed as a candidate to Mars One’s 2031 mission to send humans one-way to Mars, Josh blends science, engineering and ethics with comedy to look at how colonising Mars will change humans in body, mind and soul. How will our bodies adapt to life in 38% gravity? How will having no hope of return to Earth affect the colonist’s minds? How will becoming a dual-planet species forever change how we see ourselves and our place in the universe?

This all-ages talk will feature a short presentation from Josh on his experiences so far with the Mars One project and an extended question and answer session on everything about the human colonisation of Mars followed by a book signing. Strictly limited numbers of his book, Becoming Martian, will be available for purchase from the signing table at the event.

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