Build and Code musical instruments using Makey Makey

CoderDojo Carlton’s Adventure with Robotics will introduce young minds to the amazing world of robots. With four different sessions run over the weekend, everyone will have an opportunity to explore and learn. Kids will have opportunities to explore Arduino, Makey Makey, mBot, and circuitry by bringing a paper robot to life.

Build and Code musical instruments using Makey Makey

This workshop is for kids who want to learn more about Makey Makey.  With the help of the mentors, you will learn how to:

  • design and build commands using everyday household items (bananas, cups of water…)
  • wire a Makey Makey board to control instrument commands
  • Compose music as a group (bass, guitar, drums, piano)

Teams of 2 will be required to bring their own laptop.

*All workshops run by CoderDojo require participants to adhere to one rule: Be Cool (Be Respectful, Be Inclusive, Be Helpful, Be Patient, Be Kind, Be Positive)!

Lead Instructor/Facilitator: Carole Pillette
Assistants/Mentors: Alicja Cwierz, Tamara Jones, Jay Alexander, David Rodriguez Sanchez
Estimated Length: 2 hours
Target Age: 7-14

BYO laptop per team (2 x participants)

1st stage:
Participants will use a range of everyday household items (cardboard, plastic cups, buckets, food) to build their musical instruments. Participants will choose the instrument they will design (choice of drums made of buckets of water, piano keyboards made of an egg box filled with potatoes, guitars made of bananas).  During this time mentors will help building devices and setting up the required software on their laptops (scratch) so they are ready to play their music.

2nd stage:
Participants will then learn how to wire the Makey Makey unit to their musical device and laptops and generate sound.

3rd stage:
Participants with the guidance of the mentors will use their own laptop to follow a simple music partition.  Each group (drum, guitar, piano) will then play together as in a symphony.

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