Rise of the Robots

CoderDojo Carlton’s Adventure with Robotics will introduce young minds to the amazing world of robots. With four different sessions run over the weekend, everyone will have an opportunity to explore and learn. Kids will have opportunities to explore Arduino, Makey Makey, mBot, and circuitry by bringing a paper robot to life.

Rise of the Robots

Bring to life paper robots and light up ninja badges with this hands-on workshop where we explore circuitry basics using paper, conductive tape and lights. Participants will learn about the basics of electronics and go home with a project that will set them on a path to making things come alive. No experience needed, all supplies provided, you just need to bring your curiosity and Be Cool*!

*All workshops run by CoderDojo require participants to adhere to one rule: Be Cool (Be Respectful, Be Inclusive, Be Helpful, Be Patient, Be Kind, Be Positive)!

Lead Instructor/Facilitator: Alicja Cwierz
Assistants/Mentors: Jay Alexander, Tamara Jones, Carole Pillette, David Rodriguez Sanchez
Estimated Length: 2 hours
Target Age: 7-13

In the first part of the workshop, participants will work on their selected paper robot cards. Everyone will have a chance to choose their robot design, and select a prop for the robot to hold. This prop will cover the battery and when pressed, it will close the circuit and light up the LED light placed at the Robot’s heart.

The participants will first colour their robot with colour pencils. Next participants will use conductive copper tape to connect the LED light to the power source. The robot’s heart will light up when a prop is pressed against the hidden lithium battery.

In the second part of the workshop, all participants will continue their circuit paper exploration with a paper craft project. Participants will be given badge templates which they will have to cut and assemble into Ninja badges. The LED light will be placed behind the Ninja’s picture and will light up the badge. Participants will be able to pin the badges to their clothes and wear them for the rest of the event.

Throughout the length of the workshop we will discuss how electric circuits are built and what electricity is. We will look at how electrons flow around a circuit and why open circuits stop this flow. We will experiment with static charge by looking at how to bend water (if in vicinity of a sink) or how to light up a light bulb with a balloon. At the end of the workshop participants will learn and understand enough to design and build their own circuits and turn everyday things to life.

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