How to Disappear Completely « BuzzConf Technology Festival


If you’ve ever wanted to try out Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, this talk is for you.

Cameras peer at us like unblinking eyes from street corners, from our phones, and from our gaming consoles. Even when you’re not posing for a selfie, you might end up in the background of someone else’s picture while you’re walking down the street – and if that photograph is uploaded to a social media site, facial recognition can pick you out of the lineup.Machines are getting better at recognising our faces – but if you want to sneak through the streets of your city like a young wizard in the corridors after midnight, there is still hope.

This talk provides an overview of the latest urban camouflage technology and how to deploy it in order to foil facial recognition. During this session you’ll learn the ways machines “see” us, and how to play with them in order to become invisible. We’ll dive into the ethics of biometric identification. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can have fun with reflective tape and face paint to disguise yourselves from the algorithmic eye.

Accio tinfoil!