IoT: The Internet Of Tents – BuzzConf


Connect BuzzConf with your creativity set to 11. Learn how to make and deploy wirelessly connected sensors (input), actuators (output), robots and even your tent to the network.

Over the course of the weekend we’ll have formal and informal sessions where you can get hands on building Internet of Things – style devices. A mix of technologies will be present but most of the code will be done in JavaScript using NodeBots.On the Friday evening, we’ll be having an informal session where we instrument the camp. If you’ve got some IoT devices, bring them along and let’s connect the camp to see what data we can create and what things we can activate based on them.On the Saturday we’ll be having a focussed, 2 hour workshop where you can come along and learn much more. If you’re an absolute beginner we’ll show you how the NodeBots stack works and then get you stuck into building your first network connected thing that can create or consume data from the BuzzConf Internet of Tents. If you’re keen to learn we’ll have a learn to solder bench set up where you can build a badge to show off your soldering skills.After the formal session completes, for those that are interested, we’ll continue to have a hacking / making session where you can work on things alongside or with our experts.

Over the evening and on Sunday morning the aim is to see what useful or silly things people can create when we have a plethora or network connected sensors and actuators to play with in a space.

We’ll wind up our Internet of Tents fun on Sunday afternoon with a show and tell / science fair session where participants can show off the things they’ve created.


Do I need to bring anything?

A laptop with Node 6 installed (preferably using nvm) and a modern operating system (OSX 10.9+, Win 8+, Ubuntu 14.04+).

Can I bring hardware?

You sure can – especially if you have some kind of IoT device that you want to throw on the network and see how it plays with others. Just note any device you bring onto the network must abide by the BuzzConf Network Terms of Use as well as the Code of Conduct – we definitely don’t want things that will be invading privacy or potentially harvesting personal data.

Do I need to be able to program?

Quite probably yes, if you pair up with someone who can you can get in and fabricate your “thing” but to get the most out of the sessions you’ll need to have a reasonable understanding of JavaScript.