Meri Amber

Main Tent

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Meri Amber is a geek pop singer-songwriter. Think lasers, kazoos and ninja style world domination. Her sound can be likened to a mesh of bright pop with a smidgen of 90s punk rock stirred in, topped off with a generous sprinkling of pop culture samples and computer game synths.

She’s performed at events as varied as comic conventions, to shows alongside puppets, magicians and medieval swordsmen, doing pre-show foyer entertainment for acts like the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular and Flight of The Conchords.

“Like nothing we at OpJam have heard before! Meri Amber is like a comic book Taylor Swift, writing sassy tunes that stay in your head” – OPJAM

Here’s one of our favourite songs about VR from Meri: Headboxes.

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