Naming things is hard – fixing diversity is harder – BuzzConf



We’ve all seen the tweets, heard the pleas (and the wails and the gnashing of teeth), read the mission statements. But, one of the biggest issues facing tech is still not solved, no-one has managed to address the diversity issue successfully.

I’ve spent years as the only (non-tech) female in dev teams. I’ve most recently started life as a technical recruiter building software teams for other people. I’ve seen things from both sides of the fence and it’s now my personal mission to see things change.

I’ll be upfront in saying that I don’t have the answers. Everything I’ll speak about is seen through my filter and will be tinged with my own personal experiences. One thing I do know is that this discussion must be had, often, no matter how polarising or unsettling it may be.

I’m going to talk about:

  • The issues we’re facing? Why don’t we have diverse teams already?
  • Who’s responsibility is the diversity issue?
  • Why solving it is crucial to the future of our industry.
  • What utopia can look like.
  • How we can start today?