Nightmare Light

Kids Korner

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Ever wanted to create a creepy baby-spider with glowing eyes? Or a glowing many-limbed frankenstein doll which you can leave in the bathroom to scare the rest of your family?

Well, here’s your chance! Dig around at home, your local op-shop or around the lost & found to find the weirdest, wackiest, and most nightmarish objects to turn into a nightmare-light with programmable LEDs.

You can also 3D print some or all of your light casing for those with a creative vision – great for those with weird mash-ups and frankenstein pop-culture tendencies.

We’ll have prizes for participants such as “weirdest found object”, “most ghoulish 3D printed object”, and “most outlandish overall creation”.

In this workshop we will help you design, build and program a nightmare-light with arduinos and LED lights. We’ll have sensors available for those who want to detect ambient light or movement for an extra challenge. Participation is free, thanks to a grant from Linux Australia.

Bring to the workshop

  • Found object(s) to make your nightmare light with! (we’ll have some backups if you don’t find anything)
  • Any craft supplies you have to hand you’d like to design with (Fur! Glitter! Pipe cleaners!)
  • Any handy tools to help you make on the day (Scissors, Hot glue gun)

Laptop requirements (for those wanting to program the nightmare lights)

Provided at the workshop

  • Electronics (LED lights, battery, switch, arduino, etc)
  • Some craft supplies (googly eyes, pipe cleaners, fabrics)
  • Some objects and cases

The workshop is geared towards children but those young-at-heart are welcome to join too! Younger children can participate too if they have an overseeing parent to help them. Suitable for ages 8-14+ (adults welcome, younger children if accompanied by parent). Laptop preferred if planning to program LED lights.

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