No Moving Parts: The hackathon for everyone – BuzzConf


Most hackathons aim at achieving at least some part of a working solution. They need people who can write code, create a user experience and build something quickly.

No Moving Parts is different.

This is an ideas-only hackathon in which every person is both valuable and capable. It’s even kid-friendly. A successful team will have No Moving Parts. Building is specifically excluded in the hack time.

During No Moving Parts you’ll meet and work with a group of people you may have never met before. An important part of the hack is respect, inclusivity and listening to every participant. At the end of the hack you will have made new friends and you will walk out on a high. You will achieve something thrilling. *And you will have built nothing.*

How it works

1. The first part of the hackathon is about getting to know the people in your team.
2. Then you’ll work together to identify an existing real-world problem.
3. In the third part, you’ll propose many solutions and narrow it down to a chosen solution.
4. Finally, in the last part you’ll refine and review the solution, preparing your competition entry.

After the hacking time, we’ll all come together and hear the pitches from each team.

The Competition

The competition is based on four key criteria

  • Cooperation How well did you meet the goals of respect and inclusion?
  • Identification of a real problem Is the problem you’re solving a legitimate problem?
  • Completeness of solution How well does your solution solve the problem?
  • Viability of solution Is your solution viable and practical or does it create further problems?