Social robotics: the next frontier – BuzzConf


Social robots must be able to interact and collaborate with people. The McKinsey Global Institute (2013) identified robots as a disruptive technology, i.e. “an advance that will transform life, business, and the global economy”. Robots are expected to impact more than $9-trillion in “value pools” by 2025.

Robots today are seriously deficient in their ability to become a disruptive technology. They are dangerous and stupid. In the workplace they are kept in cages or confined to protect human co-workers, on the road driverless cars are severely challenged by complex situations that require an understanding of human intention.

In this talk Mary-Anne Williams will highlight the scientific challenges that need to be addressed to build robots that can interact and collaborate with people safely and fluently. She will discuss the kinds of problems social robots face in the workplace and the capabilities a social robot would require to work with people.