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Stephanie Andrews

Stephanie has a genre-spanning career revolving around the intersection of art and technology. Highlights include Technical Direction at Pixar on ground-breaking computer animated films and bringing innovations in research and curriculum to the University of Washington Digital Arts and Experimental Media program as an Assistant Professor. Stephanie has worked extensively in 3D graphics production and development, including virtual reality, modeling, rendering, motion capture, programming, and interactivity design.

She’s been exhibiting as a professional artist for more than twenty years around the world, including the USA, Australia, the UK, and Iceland, her works exploring kinetic sculpture, holography, digital imaging, and lighting installation. As an entrepreneur, has also founded 3D product design companies for the largest online virtual world, Second Life, and provided leadership and creative direction to 3D printing and VR start-ups. With more than ten years as a lecturer in higher education, her students have continued to top notch careers in art, engineering, entertainment, and academia. She has won major grants for her research into stereoscopic imaging, and is currently pursuing a PhD at the Deakin Motion.Lab in this area.

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