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BuzzConf is not your traditional conference

BuzzConf looks like a cutting edge tech conference – and it is!
A cutting edge, technology, futurism, and innovation conference… which takes place at a scenic campground, rather than in a stuffy conference room.
We felt that the very idea of tech conferences was getting stale and needed some innovating – and based on the response to BuzzConf 2015 and 2016 – we were right!
By taking our participants and presenters out of the city, we foster a unique atmosphere of creativity where everyone involved gets to spend quality time with international experts to learn and discover much more than they ever could in a conference centre.

The annual flagship event is a two-day festival held in rural Victoria that combines a social festival atmosphere of entertainment and camping with a traditional tech conference to create a completely original and engaging space in which to learn about modern, emerging and futuristic technologies.
We addressed another problem with the traditional format too: we encourage families to join us, to learn and play together!

Who is behind BuzzConf?

The BuzzConf Technology Festival was created by veteran conference and meetup organisers Rick Giner of Giner Web and Data and Ben Dechrai of CTO For Hire.
Both founders have an esteemed career involving participation and organisation of events on an international level.
Ben’s event management experience includes being a founder of the Open Source Developers’ Conference in Australia, and regular speaker at international and Australian conferences.
Rick has run several of the most popular development meetups in Melbourne over the past four years, and 2016 has seen him present at numerous events including Accessibility Awareness Day and the Victorian Digital Innovation Festival. BuzzConf officially incorporated in early 2016, with a mandate to run as a profitless venture to benefit the community, further the education of individuals, and encourage innovation in Australia.

How to find out more

Whether you are helping subsidise student prices by purchasing Philanthropist tickets, or contributing to our larger expenses like caterers and entertainment, your involvement is greatly appreciated. We would love the opportunity to create something uniquely beneficial for your organisation, so send an email to or give us a call on +61 401 372 974 to find out more, or to arrange a time for us to visit you for a chat.

Sponsor testimonials

“BuzzConf is one of the most unique and bespoke conferences we’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of and it’s unlike anything else we’ve been involved in… We loved being there and celebrating tech… and we look forward to seeing you next year!” Martin Lewis, Director of Ocean Labs

“GREAT venue. Vast. Beautiful. Quiet and heaps of breakout areas and areas for activities. It’s more festival than traditional conference; with camping, music and a community of tech savvy kids away from the city to discuss future technologies.” Priya Bhana, 10collective

See you in the future!

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