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25 - 27 November 2016
Phoenix Park, Ballan, VIC

Next BuzzConf Night

Controlling the future, and why The future is awesome

When: 10th August 2016

Where: Melbourne

Join us on 10th August for an evening of presentations, discussions and demonstrations on Control mechanisms of the future, and why The future is awesome (and what you can do about it)

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Quality time with our experts

BuzzConf looks like a cutting edge tech conference... and it is! A cutting edge, technology, futurism, and innovation conference, where all participants and presenters spend the whole weekend together in a scenic campground rather than in a stuffy conference centre.

Some of this year's sessions

No More Free – a future of paid content enabled by blockchain

Could blockchain technology enable a new model of media that shifts revenue from platforms to creators?

Social robotics: the next frontier

Robots today are seriously deficient in their ability to become a disruptive technology. They are dangerous and stupid. Mary-Anne Williams will discuss the kinds of problems social robots face in the workplace and the capabilities a social robot would require to work with people.

The Future of Space Exploration: The next 400 years

Despite numerous technological advances, space exploration is often viewed as an academic endeavour. Not any more! Paul Fenwick will lead a discussion on the future of not just space exploration, but also industry and habitation.

Examples of how Wearable sensors, wearable AR & mix reality and Natural UI are being used to innovate in business

Leila Alem will provide an overview of her work in the area of designing novel business solutions using wearable, augmented/mix reality and natural user interaction technologies.

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Code the Future

Code the Future aims to move children from just consumers of technology to creators and producers. Their goal is to connect core stakeholders and get developers into schools collaborating and working side by side with students and educators.

First round of amazing presenters

Leila Alem

Leila Alem is a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, specialist in AR & VR, Wearable computing and Natural User Interfaces for innovation in business.

Andy Gelme

Hacker At Large

Professor Mary-Anne Williams FTSE

Mary-Anne has a passion for design led innovation. She works with her research team in the Magic Lab to bring science fiction to reality

Paul Fenwick

Public Speaker: Space · KSP-CKAN · Ethics · Emerging Tech · Psychology · Automation · Feminism · Social/Global Justice. Adventuretarian; World famous in NZ.

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Nic Hodges

Nic Hodges is a technologist with a focus on media, brands and culture.

Stefan Pernar

Stefan is running Australia’s leading immersive technology company with a focus on continuous innovation, 360 media production, as well as interactive application development.

Andrew Fisher

Designer of things that combine web, mobile, physical computing & lots of data.

Andy Kitchen

Andy is a researcher and consultant in machine learning specialising in neural networks. He is currently puzzling over how to teach computers to think about thinking and other meta-physical machinations.

Adam Purdie

Adam is creator who loves to learn and share – whether that be in electronics, robotics, software development, music or painting.

Felicity Gilbert

Felicity Gilbert has a Bachelor of Communications: Creative Advertising which she hardly uses for anything. She also likes books, design, yoga, singing (badly) and soy crisps.

Bec Spink

Leading Teacher. Code the Future Co-Founder, Evernote Ambassador. 2013 DET Vic Primary Teacher of the Year. Apple Distinguished Educator.

Will Egan

CMO at successful Australian health education company, Ausmed and co-founder of Code the Future, a not for profit organisation that’s putting coding education in schools.

Call for presenters now open!

We're looking for more great talks and workshops for this year's festival

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Tech workshops for the whole family

From building robots and flying drones to programming A.I.s and 3D-printing, BuzzConf workshops and tutorials are a great way for grown-ups and kids of all ages to learn and play together

Check out these Sessions from 2015

View 2015 schedule

This year's sessions will be announced soon, so in the meantime check out these from last year

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Live entertainment every night

More than just a conference, when the sun goes down the party really starts at BuzzConf! Live music starts over dinner and will keep you dancing into the night!

Some of the Music from 2015

View 2015 bands

Whilst we are still finalising this year's lineupr, take a look at these bands from last year

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More BuzzConf meetups throughout the year

Over the course of the year we hold plenty of social events and technology meetups to make sure we all keep learning and having fun in this exciting and ever-changing space!

Next BuzzConf Night

Controlling the future, and why The future is awesome

When: 10th August 2016

Where: Melbourne

Join us on 10th August for an evening of presentations, discussions and demonstrations on Control mechanisms of the future, and why The future is awesome (and what you can do about it)

Meetup Details

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Latest news

What BuzzConf means to you

I loved so much of BuzzConf. It’s hard to convey how much I loved it. Thanks so much for getting this conference up and running. I had the best time.

Amazing to get great internet at a festival!

My boss is talking about sending my whole team next year. And Jack (my 7yo) is going nuts that he has to wait a whole year to be able to come. He’s put his BuzzConf sticker on his laptop already.

Rick Measham, Director of Software Development at

I thought it was an incredible experience to all. I learned from others, connected and am very much looking forward to making it an yearly event on my personal calendar.

The most interesting conference I’ve ever been to. A great mix of technology thinkers set at a relaxed environment, where everyone chills together.

Adrianna Belotti, Online Marketing & Web Dev

BuzzConf Was Awesome. As a unique blend of conference and festival, BuzzConf was good. Really good.

BuzzConf was an intentionally kids-friendly event, with lots of maker-focused activities for both kids and adults alike. It’s a big step up for inclusiveness and diversity, and all the kids I saw seemed to be having the best time ever.

So I hope you get the idea that BuzzConf was incredible.

Paul Fenwick, Benevolent Troublemaker and Freedom Loving Scientist

BuzzConf was such a blast. It was like a cross between a weekend barbeque – chilled, relaxed and friendly – and a grassroots technical conference.

As a woman, I found it a really inviting, safe and welcoming event, and it was wonderful to see a lot of diversity in the presenters and attendees.

It was great to spend time with people actively making and exploring technology, and to chat with other like-minded souls, and generally nerd out. A++ would buy again

Kathy Reid, Vice President of Linux Australia

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