Kids’ track

BuzzConf is family-friendly – and that means there will be lots of tech for the whole family to enjoy!

There will be several sessions throughout the weekend where they can learn about electronics, IoT, play with lego robots, compete in minecraft competitions, and have as much fun as the rest of us!

If your children are very young, or prefer their parents around when they’re playing, you will be able to hang out with them too and have a great family weekend learning together!

Kids Track

Build and Code musical instruments using Makey Makey

Participants will wire a Makey Makey board to household objects (like fruit) to compose music

Rise of the Robots

Bring to life paper robots and light up ninja badge

How to Train a Robot

Explore basic programming to teach mBot robots to beep and blink, to move, to see and finally to dance

Build and Code a Car Robot using Arduino

Design and build a toy car, wire an Arduino to control servo motors and create and upload a sketch for the Arduino

Game development for kids

The team from Tinarastic Game Studio will be hosting a workshop in Game Development for beginners and kids aged 8 and upwards.

Minecraft; building time

Join the Tinarastic team in their wondrous Minecraft world for a Stampy and Squid style Building Time competition.

Nightmare Light

Ever wanted to create a creepy baby-spider with glowing eyes? Or a glowing many-limbed frankenstein doll which you can leave in the bathroom to scare the rest of your family?


Help the Codatopians build their hometown! Team up with the Builder, Writer and Banker to make buildings.