3D-Printing, Drones, and Bio Tech – BuzzConf BuzzConf

3D-Printing, Drones, and Bio Tech

A Classic emerging technology lineup!

Standing room only, at the 2nd BuzzConf NightsWe thought last month’s BuzzConf Night was a great snapshot of the energy and variety of the BuzzConf festival, and we were really excited to be doing it again at the Savoy Tavern in Melbourne on April 5th.

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Mind blown approx 2.8 times/min. Brb, going to study genetics, program a drone and buy a 3D printer – @dinadotkonto

The unveiling

We started the night by unveiling a new trailer video for the BuzzConf festival – a handful of photos and videos inexpertly put together to demonstrate the unique inclusiveness, location, and approach that BuzzConf achieves. So many smiles… so many good times!

The Future of Health & Biotech ‘WetWare’

Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter started off our tech talks with an expertly presented highlight reel of some of the exciting things happening at the frontiers of healthcare and biotechnology. The space where software, hardware and entire living systems meet – some call it biotech, they prefer ‘wetware’.

“A transformation of medicine is underway, moving from a science of treating diseases to a science of improving health. We are beginning to gain control over the basic biological processes of life. We can now cut and paste our DNA, we are learning how to slow down the process of ageing and developing machine to brain interfacing.”

Gus Hervey and Tane Hunter are founders of @future_crunch, the excellent online publication offering fresh and intelligent perspectives on how humanity is finding new solutions to our biggest challenges. Make sure you sign up to their fortnightly newsletter that covers everything interesting they’ve seen on the frontiers of science and technology, along with their view on what it means, and a digest of their blog posts.

Full presentation recording

The Hexo+ Story

Etienne Zwiebel, founder of Sogilis AU, was next to talk us through the fascinating and inspiring journey that was the creation of Hexo+. From their  absolute smashing of their kickstarter target (they reached their goal of $50k in 37 minutes, and finished with $1.3m in funding) to their frantic production of a prototype in a lodge in the mountains, their story, Etienne told his tale of how a bunch of geeks knowing nothing about drones went from a dodgy prototype to the sweet final product.

“Because being a hit in France was getting boring: now we want to be a hit in Australia!”

Full presentation recording

Hexo+ owners’ videos from around the world

Very nice session, great presentations. Was totally smacked by the biotech prospective for the future and loved Steve and 3D printing state of the art presentation 😉 – Etienne Zwiebel

Making sense of molten plastic

Adam Purdie gave a walkthrough of current state of play for home 3d printing and the biggest challenges making and getting your stuff printed. He then moved onto some interesting commercial and rather unusual 3d printing concepts, and discussed where he sees it going in the next few years.

Adam discussed several different emerging tech in home 3d printing including colour FDM printing, nylon/carbon fibre printing, SLA projector and laser printing and where they may lead – and supplied us with some great links to some of his favourite products below:

Full presentation recording

Stay tuned

That was a fantastic meet-up everyone! The speakers and topics were interesting, enlightening and actually blew my wee mind. Loved it. Nice work BuzzConfers x – @10collective

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And be sure to check out some great photos of this night by @DeveloperSteve https://www.flickr.com/photos/developersteve/sets/72157664517798594/