BuzzConf Technology Festival Showcase – talks from the festival’s presenters – BuzzConf BuzzConf

BuzzConf Technology Festival Showcase – talks from the festival’s presenters

Update: Video from the night now available on YouTube:

Join us on 20th October for a very special BuzzConf Night…

The Annual BuzzConf Technology Festival is just weeks away, so we’ll be bringing you a sneak preview of some of the amazing sessions to expect over the festival weekend. For the full festival lineup and more information check

Held in The Savoy Tavern in Melbourne, there will be plenty of options to eat and drink late into the night!



6pm – Drinks and socialising
7pm to 8:00pm – Technical presentations and demos
8:00pm until late – Music, drinks, and party


Previews of the following sessions…

No More Free – a future of paid content enabled by blockchain – Nic Hodges

Could blockchain technology enable a new model of media that shifts revenue from platforms to creators?

Preparing to be makers in a consumer-focussed world – Matthew Cengia

In a world where everything is happening online, how do we facilitate our youth to take control of their technology and become hackers

Biomedicine highlights of 2016 – Jacinta Richardson

This talk will give you a walk through of some of the fascinating things that have come out of medicine in 2016.

3D modelling, sculpting, and printing – Adam Purdie

3D modelling using Blender, then you’ll have the opportunity to print your model!

The Internet of Toys: ESP8266 and MicroPythonNick Moore

Each generation of embedded processors is even smaller, faster, cheaper and more capable – and that means it’s easier than ever to build some amazing toys!

The Internet Of Tents (IoT) – Andy Gelme

Connect BuzzConf with your creativity set to 11. Deploy wirelessly connected sensors (input), actuators (output), robots and even your tent to the network