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BuzzConf weather forecast Written by BuzzConf on November 30, 2017

Last updated: Fri Dec 1 @ 13:21

The latest info from BOM is that the rain will get heavier over night and mainly come on Saturday – so come up and join us early. Gates officially open at 5pm, but come down before then if you want to beat the traffic.

We’re running extra shuttles from Ballan Station to BuzzConf between 18:00 and 20:30 so if you don’t want to drive up we’ll look after you. If you get stranded at the station give us a call on 0401372974.

We have a team standing by to help you set up your tent if you’ve not done it in the rain before, and still have beds in dorms available. Again – if you’re concerned about the price let us know.

Download the program with updated maps.

Weather forecast
As you may know, we’ve got some weather coming our way in Victoria, and BuzzConfers will need to prepare to get a little wet. We’re actioning some contingency plans to ensure the weekend is still as fantastic as usual – and really excited by how the site is taking shape.
In particular, please note that on Friday and Saturday we are highly likely to have very significant rainfall totals and subsequent flash flooding and flooding.  Although the rainfall is expected to be heaviest north of the Divide, areas south of the Divide including Ballan are still expecting heavy rainfall.

Stay safe
In order to stay safe whilst playing with our tech toys, do not leave any electrical items unattended or on the ground as flash-flooding may occur without warning. If you want to run power in to your tents do so only when you are in the tents (and awake) and use weather-safe cables.

What to pack
We strongly advise you to pack extra changes of clothes, waterproofs, gumboots, and hats. Although all the marquees are under cover you will likely be walking between them or back-and-forth to your campsites or rooms – and with such severe storms you might still get drenched. If you are camping, you might want to bring an extra tarp to cover your tent.

Consider booking a room
If you are concerned that your camping equipment may not cope with the unusual amount of rain, we do still have a number of dorms available – so please email us at [email protected] with the number of beds you would like to reserve in male/female rooms, include your order number and phone number, and we will see what we can do. If you are concerned about the cost let us know and we will call you to discuss a discount via our hardship fund.

Changes on site
We’ve made a few changes to the locations of our venues – we’re bringing the Kids’ areas in close to the rest of the action and setting up huge umbrellas between the marquees. We have moved the Glamps to the south west corner, and this has opened up a big space in the middle of the field if you don’t want to camp under trees.

Forecast is for a great BuzzConf
Despite the weather – the forecast for BuzzConf is still looking fantastic. The marquees are going up, the caterers are on their way and we’ve cracked the first beer of the weekend. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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