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Standing room only, at the 2nd BuzzConf Nights

Update: Videos of the sessions now available on YouTube:

Join us on 10th August for an evening of presentations, discussions and demonstrations on Control mechanisms of the future, andwhy The future is awesome (and what you can do about it) 

Our BuzzConf Nights are proving to be very popular with people wanting to experience the energy and variety of the BuzzConf festival, and this month we’re bringing you another night packed with amazing topics and toys to play with. If you want a little taste of what the BuzzConf festival is all about, this event is a great place to start. You can see what happened at previous events here.

Held in The Savoy Tavern in Melbourne, there will be plenty of options to eat and drink late into the night!

We’ll be holding similar events all over Australia, so if you’re not in Melbourne but would like to be involved in one of the other events just let us know!



6pm – Drinks and socialising
7pm to 8:00pm – Technical presentations and demos
8:30pm until late – Music, drinks, and party


Controlling the future – Kathy Ried

You might be old enough to remember computers that didn’t have a mouse – where you used special key combinations to send commands to the machine. Then along came the mouse, and the graphics tablet, and the graphical user interface. The advent of the iPhone in 2007 brought with it a revolution in touch interfaces, and touch screens are now common place.

Siri, Cortana and Google Now introduced ‘conversational UIs’ – or voice interfaces, where we use natural language to find answers, get directions or have our devices do our bidding.

So, what’s next? Will I be able to control something with the power of my mind? What about natural user interfaces, gesture control and so on?

This presentation will cover advances in user interface and control mechanisms, and demonstrate how you will be able to control the future.

The Future is Awesome (and what you can do about it) – Paul Fenwick

The 21st century is a time with an unprecedented expansion of ideas, culture, technology, information, and global justice. Compared to any other point in history, humans are flourishing. Yet the way in which we think about the world—and our shared future in it—has not accelerated at the same pace. Join us to find out why the future is awesome in ways you may not expect, and what you can do about it.