Help promote BuzzConf with new Flyers and Posters – BuzzConf BuzzConf Written by Arthur on March 23, 2021

Help promote BuzzConf with new Flyers and Posters

You have probably already seen them in the wild, but we need your help spreading our new flyers and posters far and wide!

We want BuzzConf 2016 to be bigger and better than ever, so get in touch to have some posters and flyers sent to you – and help us bring news of the BuzzConf Technology Festival to HackerSpaces, Co-Working Spaces, Offices and Bus Stops all around Australia!

If you would like to help us promote BuzzConf Digitally, then visit our Partner Promotion page for loads of pre-written Social Media updates, videos and images that you can share with a simple cut-and-paste!

See you in the Future!

Rick and Ben.

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