Upskill for the future of Creativity & Innovation – BuzzConf BuzzConf

Upskill for the future of Creativity & Innovation

BuzzConf invites you to “Code in the Cinema”

General Assembly + BuzzConf invite you to come to one of Australia’s largest learning events in history at the Melbourne Comedy Theatre on Friday 12 August at 12pm as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival. Code in the Cinema is a free event designed to support and inspire everyone to acquire new digital knowledge for the future of work, innovation and creativity.

The afternoon will be jam-packed with:

  • Entrepreneurs panel with tech leaders & diversity champions from around Australia
  • Interactive coding lesson for beginners with General Assembly
  • A live music performance by artist and programmer Andrew Sorensen
  • Creative coding project demos by digital artists and more..

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Why should everyone learn how to code? “Because it teaches you how to think.” Steve Jobs

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